Haleakala Supah Shots LLC was created and inspired by a mother’s love of Hawaiian chili peppers, or nioi. Tina Kekoolani, the business creator and owner, developed Haleakala Supah Shots with a background in nutrition, fitness, farming, and cooking. Developed before 2016 in Upcountry Maui, Haleakala Supah Shots are elixirs, or liquid concoctions capable of promoting wellness and prolonging life. Because of its intensity of flavor and spice, this elixir is meant to be consumed in small portions or “shots”. This elixir was developed into 3 different flavors. All are raw vegan, chilled, spicy, sweet drinks with a base of Hawaiian chili pepper water and fresh fruit. The three flavors are liliko’i, or passion fruit, strawberry, and pineapple/Thai basil Elixir. To enhance flavor and substance, and to round off the heat of the hot peppers, high quality vinegar, organic agave, and hand harvest natural Hawaiian salt is added. (Refrigeration required/open top daily recommended)